Running Man – June 2016

I fell behind on Running Man due to the sudden glut of amazing dramas, so I’m still trying to catch up. Overall, June’s Running Man offerings were started out bad but got better. Two of them are even going to make my year-end recommendation list!

Episode 302: “The Dangerous Feast Race”


A week after watching this episode, I barely remember any of it. It was an okay way to pass the time, but overall, it did very little for me. I don’t know why, either–because, in theory, there was a lot to like. I love food missions, I love mini missions, I love people running around doing ridiculous things.

Maybe there just wasn’t enough ridiculous? It seemed to just go from Point A to B to C without anything exceptional happening. Too efficient, almost. And I actually felt bad about how the final mission ended. Do I blame the editing for this….bleh-ness?

Eh. I felt like that kid from the Incredibles, just waiting for something amazing to happen–only this time I spent the whole thing being disappointed.

Episode 303: “The 7 Million Won Hunt”


…well, for an episode that was supposed to be all about one team chasing another, it was remarkably tepid. I’m not sure what they could have done to fix it, honestly. Too much down time, not enough trickery and chasing?

It also makes me concerned about the next episode since it is going to carry over–it’s generally a tossup if the not-full-content episodes are any good on their own. :/ (Then again, the horror house was also one of those partial episodes, and that was a delight. *crosses fingers*)

Episode 304: “The Hunt, Part 2: Oh My Goddess”


Once you skip over the lackluster ending of the previous week’s mission, you’re in for a treat with this goddess race. The guests (Park Shin-hye, Lee Sung-kyung, Yoon Kyung-sang, and Kim Min-seok) threw themselves into the show, and the editing felt more like it was back on track instead of cutting entire games/events out.

The highlight for me, of course, was the carrying the queen game, mostly because I adore it when the ladies’ job is to make it as horrific and difficult as possible to the guys. I knew Ji-hyo would be vicious (she always is, and it makes me so happy), but Shin-hye and Sung-kyung went at it with gusto as well.

Lots of laughs and far more entertaining than the show has been in a while. I approve.

Episode 305: “The Avengers”


This was a really fun episode, especially if you want to giggle a lot. I was worried at first by how many guests had shown up, but the introductions were kept surprisingly short (and I actually recognized a couple of them as repeat guests).

The best decision was to keep the games absurd and group-oriented. Actually, I take that back, that was the second-best decision. The best decision was actually the editing, because it felt like whoever had been dropping the ball on that one finally got their act together and trimmed out a lot of the pointless dancing bloat that had been clogging up this last stretch of episodes.

The Korean wrestling was impressive, the guessing game was ridiculous with the added difficulty of the lip retracters, the soccer game was hilarious, and the final mission was a fun (if too-one-sided) take on the name tag-ripping game. All in all, an episode I would likely enjoy watching again if I needed to brighten a down day.

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