Dining, Marriage, and Drama News

Food, state-supported love, and a casting nightmare all add up to an interesting week. Plus, OCN is actually entering into female-centric waters in *GASP* a police drama.

  • Dining as leisure, small luxury.” This article touches on a little bit of everything, from stigma against eating alone to eating out as a form of entertainment and blogging fodder.
  • Most single Koreans want state support in getting married.” Job insecurity, unemployment, the high cost of housing, and wedding costs were cited by young Korean men and women about why they’ve delayed marriage, and they think the government ought to help them out more if the government wants to do something about the low birth rate. Surprisingly, the government has already implemented some measures like matchmaking services and state-funded “small weddings.”
  • OCN develops new crime drama The Voice.” What is this? OCN is actually creating a female-centric crime show? 😮
  • My Sassy Girl’s casting mess: (1) (2). Is it just me, or has 2016 been a really terrible year as far as struggles casting shows, scheduling push-and-pulls, and all-around messes? My Sassy Girl is the latest, and it’s a doozy, what with apparently changing their mind after an 1,800-person open casting search. Ugh.

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