Kpop Friday: K.Will’s “Love Blossom”

My brother is getting married this weekend, so I spent a long while hunting through my kpop music collection, trying to find the perfect love song for the occasion–even though, you know, he doesn’t actually read this blog. Unfortunately, a good 90% of my love-related songs are some combination of angry, angsty, bitter, regretful, resentful, or would otherwise be considered an all-around ill-omen.

Then I remembered “Love Blossom,” and I figured my brother would actually really get a kick out of a sweet first love song paired with murder, cuz that’s just how he rolls.

Love Blossom

The juxtaposition between the young love lyrics and the MV is pretty hilarious, if you like your humor macabre and absurd, what with a lower-level employee getting dragged along to a company event at an amusement park and then being forced to play luggage boy to seven senior members of the company. At least once the murder is over, our put-upon employee can have an amusement park date with a lovely lady, complete with ice cream, slow-motion running, laughter, piggyback rides, and cherry blossoms:

Petals like popcorn fly high
If you tell me that you love me, I really melt
When the wind blows like today
I go crazy all day
Because I constantly think of you (x)

It’s a cute song that’s easy to listen to, and the MV always cracks me up. Give it a shot–who knows, maybe you’ll smile just like these two lovebirds. Just don’t go murder someone.

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