W: Two Worlds, Episode 10

TL;DR: The show continues to draw parallels between Seung-moo, The Killer, and Chul, and Chul comes out the worst for it. I am half terrified, half excited about the possibilities.


I’m so glad that we got to go back and see Seung-moo’s face get stolen (not a sentence I ever expected to type). It gave us such great insight into The Killer and how he views himself, and it was a magnificent display of power when he reached through the tablet and grabbed Seung-moo. My second thought (after the delighted shrieking) was that if The Killer is so like Chul—able to defy his creator, to step into the real world—then he clearly needs to do some other things that Chul has also done.

Like drag Yeon-joo into the comic.

The Killer is this great hybrid of Seung-moo and Chul, from his literal face to his independence and power, and even all the way down to something as small as having a drink while he works. I don’t know the degree to which The Killer can control Seung-moo, but as long as he has enough power to force him to draw guns and bullets and whatever else, the two of them together are strong enough to overcome Chul.

(We got a brief flashback to the hospital roof and saw The Killer grab Seung-moo as Seung-moo fled—is there more to that scene? And isn’t there still an unexplained absence for Seung-moo?)


Even though Chul had previously been able to reject the no-context attempts on his life, he can’t undo illogical sequences or will-power his way to survival anymore, not with both The Killer (now awakened) and Seung-moo against him. He couldn’t reject the literally-out-of-nowhere murder of Hyun-suk. Chul is still powerful enough, despite his amnesia/the world reset, to be able to recognize the recording is a fabricated one and hang on to his true character. Otherwise, wouldn’t the recording become a reveal/plot twist about Chul and be integrated as part of him?

But Chul recognizes it as a fabrication, realizes the setup even though he has no idea how it could have happened, and he is able to run.

I’m hoping that Do-yoon and So-hee will come through for Chul while he is on the run—he is going to need allies, if they can get to him. Unfortunately, with them being the obvious choices, they’re likely going to be closely watched. I hope this is a chance for them to rise to the occasion.


I am tentatively relieved to report that I am enjoying the romance much better, now that it’s round two. The fact that Yeon-joo knows the world of W, how it operates, and has all of her memories levels out the playing field a lot more than the first go around. It also helps that her and Chul’s “first” interactions this time aren’t centered on her saving his life and her no-context-ness. This allows Chul to get to know Yeon-joo as Yeon-joo, and not just his mysterious savior and person he wants to shoot to prove his theory. I really enjoyed their hospital rooftop scene, and the callbacks to their first romance were wonderfully brutal.

She told him he reminded her of her husband, guys. Her kiss shook him up again. *rolls about in exquisite agony* He wiped away a tear again, does this mean his memory of the other timeline will start to come back?

Their interactions were a lot more like…well, sweet, romantic gestures. Surely Chul added at least two more to his completed homework pile (make her food, patch her up) from that book. Kidnapping to keep her a secret from the police, however, that is not a sweet, romantic gesture, no matter how many timelines you do it in. Please keep that in mind, Chul.


With Cheol-ho officially part of the main action of the story, I’m excited to have yet another force arrayed against Chul (and now, Yeon-joo). Previously, he was just an informed threat—we saw a few of the things he had done, but he wasn’t really doing anything in the present, and it was easy enough to forget him.

But now he has allied himself with The Killer, and that means he goes from an asshole who sweeps things off his desk to an actual danger to present-day Chul. I am, quite frankly, really excited to see how far Chul is going to fall in the second half of the show.

After all, I thought his rock bottom was his existential crisis in episode five. Turns out, that was only a temporary resting place.

By the Numbers

  • Dramatic desk clearings: 1
  • Inexplicable murders: 1
  • False reports: 2
  • Boxes of soju: 3
  • Bechdel Test: 6 episodes passed

2 thoughts on “W: Two Worlds, Episode 10

  1. idiosyncreant says:

    I hadn’t specifically noticed the drinking Killer does as a parallel to Dad, but oh man. That’s a level of creepiness layered on, isn’t it?

    I also got really excited about Assemblyman becoming an active part of the antagonist team! Sure it means we’ll suffer more toward the end, but villains with AGENCY, forsooth.

    • Audrey says:

      It is so creepy, I love it. I haven’t had the chance to look back and see if it’s the same shade of alcohol/type of glass, but it was wonderful when I spotted it.

      YES, and I demand he become a real threat in the show. Better villains means our heroes must become better in order to win, and I crave that.

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