Kpop Friday: IU’s “Twenty-three”

With the debut of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: (Go)Ryeo just around the corner, IU has been on my mind. I haven’t seen her in a drama since Bel Ami/Pretty Man (yeah, I don’t know why I finished it, either), and prior to that was the hair-pullingly-frustrating You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin!, which I gave up on in despair around episode 30. Despite those two detours, I still have a soft spot for IU thanks to Dream High, so I figured today would be a good day to post about “Twenty-three.”


This Alice in Wonderland-inspired MV is a richly detailed whirlwind of color and fantastical imagery, and it meshes well with the always contradictory and often confusing lyrics. Is she prioritizing love or money? Is she too playful to be a woman or too calculating to be a child? Is she actually confused about her own identity and desires, and/or is she playing a game with the people who consume her music and image and judge her?


Try to guess. Which one? You cannot tell with my face.
Making an opposite facial expression from the heart is really simple.
Actually, I don’t know either. At first I never wrote even a single line of lies.

“Twenty-thee” is an addictive song, and if you haven’t checked it out already, you should hit play now.

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