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The Olympics have thrown my kdrama calendar into disarray, so I’m glad I held off on adding several late August/early September shows. (Seriously, shifting the dates on the 50-episoders was beyond tedious. I had to do one of them twice already because of last-minute changes and have at least one more to mess with. Ugh.) Once the games wrap up, I’ll be correcting the entries and adding new shows so the calendar is accurate (and helpful) once again.

In the meantime, I’ve finished my re-posting of Before Heirs/Dividing Lines and actually posted the first new chapter in nearly two years. \o/ Since I no longer have fanfic re-posts to fill up my Tuesday/Thursday slots (Sundays will be new chapter days, like before), I’m going to break from the two-episodes-at-at-a-time commentary format for a little while.

(At least until Scarlet Heart: Ryeo begins. I may also check out Jealousy Incarnate. We shall see if I can stick with either.)

I’ll finish out the last four episodes of Wanted by giving each episode its own post, and W will likely get broken up, too. I’m criminally behind on Flower in Prison, so it’ll stick with the two-episode-per-post format until that far off day in which I catch up.

What are you all watching right now? What dramas are you looking forward to in the near future?

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