Blaming the Pre-Recorded Trend and Drama News

Just a short roundup today! The Olympics have thrown the drama calendar into a bit of a disarray, but once the games are over, I’ll fix it all.

  • Entirely pre-recorded dramas not suitable for romances: KBS official.” Look, I don’t have a horse in the UF race, but it seems a bit…suspicious to say that romances just aren’t suitable for pre-recording. I highly doubt the romance in UF (and by extension, UF itself) is failing because they didn’t get viewer feedback as they went along. But hey, if you’re looking for a scapegoat, I guess it makes no sense to go after the new format instead of the writer or the production or the actors or a hundred other things.
  • Song Ji Hyo Confirmed As Lead In ‘This Week, My Wife Is Having An Affair’.” As much as I adore Song Ji-hyo in Running Man, I haven’t actually seen any of her dramas. 😮 Maybe this will be the one to rectify that.
  • Shin Min Ah And Lee Je Hoon To Star In Quirky tvN Fantasy Romance.” I would be very happy to have Shin Min-ah back on my screen in a specfic drama, though I’m a little sad she’s not the time traveler. It’d be nice to give Lee Je-hoon another shot after dropping signal. I hope they’ll get 2017 off to a solid start!

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