Boba Tea, Possible THAAD Fallout, and Drama News

This first week of August/last bit of July had some interesting things pop up, from geopolitical tensions affecting Hallyu to lifestyle infographics. Also, I could really use some boba tea right now.

  • Boba tea is as bad for you as soda.” Unsurprisingly, a drink made with sugar and flavored syrups isn’t going to be touted as the next diet-friendly food fad. (My latest favorite combination is mango raspberry, for the record.)
  • Hallyu-related industries fear fallout from THAAD row.” Some geopolitical messiness has some industry leaders concerned that China may restrict or undermine the popularity of Hallyu due to South Korea’s decision to impliment THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system). So far, nothing has really happened, but people are skittish.
  • “What Surveys Tell Us About a Changing Korea (Women’s version) and (Men’s version).” Two infographics detailing lifestyle stats for men and women, including how they define financial security, how much coffee they drink in a day, and how many books they read in a year. It’s an interesting breakdown to see where they are similar and where they are different–and when they weren’t even asked the same questions.
  • South Korea Is Contending With A ‘Gamergate’ Of Its Own — Over A T-Shirt.” I was a bit surprised to find this story was big enough to spill over into NPR. You head into the comments at your own risk.
  • The reign of blood begins in Scarlet Heart’s first teaser.” Okay, this teaser got me very excited about this show. I don’t know if my heart can handle so much pretty or so much blood.

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