Kpop Friday: Miss A’s “Hush”

So here’s the thing: I love the post-apocalyptic/ruinous aesthetic. I also happen to love songs about ladies really wanting to get some, because, you know, they want it. “Hush” combines the two and throws in several dead-eyed, center-of-frame, no movement, direct-at-the-camera stares that actually get a bit creepy the more you look at them, particularly with the ruined sets they’re on.

(I love creepy.)


The song itself is almost simplistically direct, with the ladies beckoning/ordering this boy to come to them. There’s lots of mentions of heat and breathing and losing control, and the build up to the chorus is filled with anticipation. I love the relentless repetition there, aided by the numerous jump cuts, that borders on desperation.


They want it now. How can you argue with these sex-starved post-apocalyptic ladies?

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