Kpop Friday: f(x)’s “All Mine”

A lot of the people that I follow on Twitter are what I would consider fans of kpop–they’ve got their favorite groups, they have bias lists, they get really excited about comebacks and stages and concerts. I’m a casual fan in pretty much everything, and I have a limited amount of data that I come perilously close to consuming every month. As such, I don’t often click on video links when I’m on Twitter via my phone (read: 90% of my Twitter consumption), so I don’t wind up listening to a lot of new music when it comes out.

But I needed a song for today, and I remembered that people on my feed had been saying great things about f(x)’s new song, so I thought I’d check it out. Readers–that was one of the best decisions I’ve made all week.

All Mine

“All Mine” is a breezy, energetic love song that–no joke–I grinned the entire way through and then immediately hit replay. Then I looked up the lyrics and loved it even more for its bits of summer imagery and joyous you are all mine. The video itself is charming, what with the ladies doing a surprising amount of their own filming and not even being in the same physical space for the entire video. They just look like they’re having so much fun with the song–and I love ladies who look like they’re having fun.

All Mine

More songs like this, please, from f(x)–from everyone, really. Give me more bright, happy, enthusiastically in love.”All Mine” is going to the top of my kpop buy list.

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