Kpop Friday: Jung Joon-young’s “Teenager”

For the last decade, I’ve averaged about one road trip a year through a selection of the western desert states, either with family or with friends. There’s something both haunting and utterly relaxing about driving down long stretches of highway with hardly any cars on the road and everyone else in the car asleep. The land itself is a mix of scrubby vegetation, abandoned farm buildings, and blasted hills, sometimes with the traces of ash or desert sand in the air thanks to the relentless winds.


The playlists I make for these long, hot, quiet hours of empty road lean heavily toward mellow and/or angsty guitars. “Teenager” alternates between the fear of change and the determination to keep smiling, no matter what life throws at you:

I changed as much as the time that has faded like a photo
I can’t go back to those times but I wanna find that feeling


It’s a great song for to listen to when there’s nothing but sun and emptiness asphalt in front of you. I almost wish I were going on a road trip this year.

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