Kpop Friday: Mamamoo’s “Piano Man”

The noir aesthetic has always been associated with summertime for me, and I honestly don’t know why. Because there’s nothing inherently summer-ish about black-and-white, trench coats, suspenders, slinky dresses, fedoras, phone booths, and mood-setting fog, and yet–

Piano Man

Here we are. Summertime. A big, anonymous city. Too late for any good to come of it. A handsome stranger makes a call before he slips into the bar. There are four gorgeous dames, and he–

Piano Man

I apologize and promise never to do that again. Who cares what he’s doing, honestly, beyond catching the ladies’ attention. (When your fingers brush against the keys / I keep getting naughty thoughts.) He’s hot, he’s here, and these ladies are very interested in his…technique.

I love the slow, sultry intro; the rousing chorus; their powerful voices; and just how much fun they sound and look like they’re having. Are you ready for perfection?

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