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  • [FROM THE SCENE] Korean women respond to Gangnam murder case.” A 23-year-old woman was murdered by a stranger who claimed for his motive that he had been “belittled by women.” This article summarizes reactions to this horrific event, from a post-it memorial to debates online about victim blaming, harassment, and other types of misogyny. A few celebrities have also commented on these same issues.
  • “‘Till the world turns upside down’ Parents of LGBT youth share their stories.” On May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, 26 LGBT rights groups and 95 other civic groups held a press conference to discuss their solidarity for LGBT rights. This article focuses on three different parents’ stories about accepting their children’s sexual orientations. (All of the stories center on sons–I wish there had been one about a daughter.)
  • Hallyu theme park to open in Goyang.” The park is supposed to center on Korean pop music, tv shows, and movies, and is expected to be visited by 5 million tourists yearly once it opens in 2017. Apparently this theme park is one of a trio of projects called the K-Culture Valley. The two other projects are “a space dedicated to traditional culture” and a “K-pop concert hall.” I’ve already got a destination for my 2017 vacation, but I could be persuaded to stop by in 2018 or later…
  • Park Shin-yang turns down Jo Deul-ho extension, KBS keeps trying.” I honestly can’t remember the last time there has been so much ridiculous going on behind the scenes in dramaland. How can you extend a show when the eponymous actor is unavailable? This month has been ridiculous with shows unable to keep leads, emergency extensions, and so on. I’m honestly hoping that more and more shows will transition to being pre-produced: in addition to being much more humane for the cast and crew, it would likely cut down on all this last-minute scrambling that has been plaguing multiple networks this last month or so.

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