Kpop Friday: Lim Kim’s “Awoo”

Fridays at the office can be ridiculously hard. Sometimes I just have to put a song on an endless repeat in order to make it through my eight hour shift. Today that song is Lim Kim’s “Awoo”–a quirky little number that makes the most out of its cat motif and pastel wedding mints palette.


There are at least three different cats in this MV, for starters: an actual black cat, Lim Kim, and the guy she declares will fall for her. It’s great fun seeing how they all interact with each other, the cat toys, and the laser pointers. Who is beckoning, who is being beckoned to–it’s great.

Hands down, though, my favorite part of the MV is this little moment:


Does she ever have a cat’s judgmental stare down. XD I am not dealing with you right now–that’s what this says, and it cracks me up every single time.

Give this song a shot! It’s what’s getting me through today.

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