Corruption, Film Festivals, and Drama News

This continues to be a terrible week schedule-wise in Dramaland, and I’m starting to get concerned. (Probably not as concerned as certain studio and station execs, though…)

  • Debate continues over enforcement of anticorruption act.” Corruption is not a new topic in kdramas, whether it’s found in morally gray cast of Punch or a horribly broken school in Angry Mom or in a powerful law firm like the one in Heard It Through the Grapevine. I wonder if this new law–which will be enforced beginning September 28th–will make its way into tv soon. Government officials and people who work in media and education will no longer be able to accept gifts over 50,000 won ($42 US), wedding or funeral money over 100,000 won ($86 US), or meals worth more than 30,000 won ($26 US). The food industry (especially Korean beef) and flower industry are not happy about this, unsurprisingly.
  • Film festival to address gender hostility.” This June 2-6 will be the 18th edition of The Seoul International Women’s Film Festival. They’ll be showing 118 movies from 27 different countries, and about 90% of the films are by female directors. (The remaining films are directed by men but focus on women’s issues.) There are several themed sections, from films about sexual slavery to 120 years of French women’s cinema to a “Queer Rainbow” section focusing on sexual minorities. I’ve never attended a film festival, but this one sounds amazing.
  • Jin Gu and Kim Hyun-joo don’t want to be Wanted.” Wanted has gotten a definite no from two of the three people it was courting as its leads, and it is supposed to start mid-June. It, of course, comes as a surprise to no one that Entertainer miraculously got a week extension to buy the network some breathing room. (The drama calendar has been updated now.) Hey, SBS, why don’t you follow KBS2’s lead and throw in a mini drama? It’d be nice to give some new writers/PDs/actors a chance to shine.
  • Cinderella Having More Trouble Than Just Her 4 Knights.” I’ll admit this show wasn’t really on my radar, and now I’m slightly worried it won’t ever get the chance to make a blip. Not only does the show still not have a broadcaster, the scripts aren’t even done yet, and lead actress Park So-dam is going to be rushing over to Beautiful Mind soon. Will the show ever snag a broadcaster? If it does, will it turn out like What’s Up?

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