Opinion Polls, Body Positivity, and Drama News

The K-Entertainment scene is no stranger to last-minute switch-ups or injuries (unfortunately), and this week was a very hectic one on both those counts.

  • “8 out of 10 Korean-Americans express need for Korean unification.” This is a short but interesting look at Korean-American attitudes toward reunification, including why people think reunification should happen, predictions on what would happen if the current government collapsed, and foreseeable difficulties in a post-unification world (including fears of increased taxes). I wonder how these stats compare to Koreans currently living in South Korea. Time to google.
  • “Walking in Beauty: On Seeing Fat Women in Asian Dramas and Body Positivity.” This article focuses primarily on Korean dramas, but it does mention a few others in passing and includes links to other essays/studies on the topics. I am definitely interested in seeing more fat women in media of all types, especially when they aren’t seen as something that needs to be fixed or serve only as the comedic or protagonist-supporting prop.
  • “‘Train to Busan’ to premiere at Cannes.” ZOMBIES. GONG YOO AND ZOMBIES. How could I not be excited about this? Here’s the trailer:

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