Cultural Festival, Intellectual Property, and Drama News

Just a short roundup this week–IRL has been difficult. So many things to stay on top of and so many deadlines to meet!

  • “Revisit Joseon era at royal culture festival.” This sounds amazing–concerts, culinary events, and performances celebrating royal life in the Joseon era, and all of it spread across four palaces and a shrine. Around where I live, the big cultural celebrations are centered on 19th century pioneers and deliberately ignoring all the awful things they did. I would much rather participate in a reenactment of a king’s birthday than battle parade traffic to get into work because my work doesn’t give us the state holiday off. The festivities end on May 8th.
  • “Hundreds of businesses violate ‘Descendants of the Sun’ publicity rights.”  (This is probably only interesting to me since I’ve worked jobs where I was heavily involved in protecting copyright/trademarks.) It is the fate of popular properties to be exploited without proper licensing agreements, it seems. I’m waiting to hear when we’ll get some bakery sued for using the show’s intellectual property/actors’ likenesses on cakes, ala Disney properties.
  • Gaia loses Kang Haneul, Song Ji-nah, and reason for watching.” My celebrating was premature, alas. I could see KHN passing simply because of not wanting to compete against his other drama, but booting SJN? *sighs* I hope she got compensated for the initial work she did, at least, and I wish the both the best in a project together someday, right? in the future.

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