Four Songs To Run To

I was attempting to put my music into some semblance of order, and along the way, I discovered that I had four kpop songs with “run” in the title. I love all four of them and thought you should check them out!

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Younha || “Run”

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Look, this song just makes me happy. I love the big bold declarations of love, I love her voice, I love the way the song presses ever forward. The MV is both remarkably simple (lots of running) but also eye-catching, what with the space/science fiction motifs. Whenever this pops up on my phone, it makes me smile.

Nell || “Run” (Two Weeks OST)

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First off, this is an AMAZING fanvid. I am astounded by it. Second, this song is one of my favorite things about Two Weeks, which is one of my favorite kdrama thrillers. It just fits the mood of the show so well. Every time I listen to it, I’m tempted to watch the show again.

BTS || “Run”

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Young, angry, reckless–and maybe a little bit desperate to figure out what the hell life is even supposed to be. That’s what I think of with this song and this MV. I may have skipped over outgrown the vandalism and partying stage in life, but there’s a delicious kind of confusion and fuck it, it’ll work out somehow vibe to it all that I adore.

Girls’ Generation || “Run Devil Run”

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This was one of my first-ever kpop songs, and I still love it. I’m always partial to I caught you cheating, and I am going to do so much better than you songs. It’s fast-paced, catchy, and has a wonderful amount of sass to it.

If you want to recommend me songs, you can do so through the music rec meme on my tumblr! Just send me an ask with up to five songs (they don’t have to be kpop), and I’ll listen to and rate them.

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