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Lee Hyo-shin was one of my favorite characters in Heirs, and it was such a shame he got so little screen time. This series is set the year before the show begins, in the aftermath of Hyo-shin’s suicide attempt. Young-do, Bo-na, Chan-young, Rachel, and Tan all have significant roles to play. You will want to read these before you jump into Dividing Lines, as there are plotlines that carry over.

Trigger warnings for suicide, suicide attempts, suicidal ideation, and child abuse.

  1. And the Wind Cuts Straight Through
  2. Fraying at the Edges
  3. The In-Between Places
  4. Becoming Transparent
  5. Fracturing
  6. Testing the Waters
  7. A New Secret
  8. Tryouts
  9. Unwritten Rules
  10. Simple Choices
  11. Misplaced Gratitude
  12. His Inheritance
  13. Deals
  14. A Favor
  15. Three Visits
  16. Consequences
  17. A New Suit
  18. The Beginning

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