Sex, Murder, and Drama News

This week I ran into a number of interesting articles/casting news, including the state of sex/sex education for teens in South Korea, murder and the statute of limitations, and teasers for people who desperately miss Signal.

  • Korean teens fight for rights to birth control, sex life.” This piece from The Korea Herald was brought to my attention by Outside Seoul. It discusses everything from school punishments for dating, 19+ age requirements to get info online about birth control, forced adoption and abortion, among other things. I was reminded of the few lines we got between In-sang and Bom in Heard It Through the Grapevine when In-sang confessed that maybe the condom he had was too old or was damaged during sex (or that he didn’t use it properly). This article casts that discussion in a new light–it’s likely that these two very intelligent teenagers simply didn’t have access to the knowledge they had needed in order to prevent Bom’s pregnancy (and the rest of the plot from unfolding).

  • Korean Law on Murder” and “Statute of Limitations Under Korean Law.” My little corner of the internet was terribly confused when Soo-ha was put on trial for Min Joon-gook’s murder in I Hear Your Voice, especially since all they ever found was a hand. Turns out you can be put on trial for murder when the victim is presumed dead, not confirmed dead: “Circumstantial evidence alone may sufficiently convict a person if his or her guilt is proven ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’ For instance, the defendant may have had the wherewithal and motive (e.g., going through financial hardship + the beneficiary of life insurance money), whereas the likelihood of any other theory (e.g., suicide by setting oneself on fire) is almost nil.” That second article has a note in it saying that there is no longer a statute of limitations for murder as of August 2015. Looks like any future procedurals will need to find a new clock to race against (or be set in the past0.
  • Everything’s Coming Up Kang Haneul.” Kang Ha-neul has been offered the lead in Gaia, Song Ji-na’s next project, out later this year. I am extremely excited that KHN has hit leading man territory, and I am even more excited for SJN to be back in drama land. Dare I hope for something Healer or What’s Up-levels of amazing?
  • Gong Yoo courted to headline writer Kim Eun-sook’s tvN drama.” I think the most charitable thing I can say about this is that I hope it is a great success and that people enjoy watching it.
  • Teaser Posters and Trailers for Phantom Detective Hong Gil Dong.” If you’re going through Signal-related withdrawal, I’ll point you toward this post, which features teaser posters and trailers of Lee Je-hoon’s May 2016 movie release. It looks like it could be a fun summer movie if PIs, massive gun fights, and comedy are your thing.
  • Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon Perfectly in Character in First Teaser for Mirror of the Witch.” I didn’t realize until this post that Kim Sae-ron is only fifteen…and paired up with twenty-nine-year-old Yoon Shi-yoon. Suddenly my enthusiasm for this fantasy sageuk took a massive plunge. Some other people have had thoughts on the pairing that I’m just going to link to instead of rehashing. Part of me hopes that they are leads but not romantic leads, because if it turns romantic, I will have to bail. Fast.

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