What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: Viki.com

Summary: Lee Young-joon, vice president of Yoomyung Group, is so self-absorbed that most of the time he doesn’t register what his secretary, Kim Mi-so, tries to say to him. Mi-so has a stellar reputation in the corporate world for her secretarial skills, but after spending the last nine years making her boss look good and managing his narcissistic ego, she finally decides to submit her resignation. It’s time for Mi-so to find her own way in the world—but will Young-joon be able to function without her?

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is based on Jung Kyung-yoon’s 2013 novel of the same name. Kim Young-mi’s 2016 webcomic was also based on the novel.

Jugglers (1/16)

Network: KBS2

Available: Viki.com

Summary: Jwa Yoon-yi is a phenomenal secretary with a reputation for getting things done, has a supportive personality, and is involved in an online community for secretaries. Unfortunately for her, Nam Chi-won is her new boss at HB Company, and he has a reputation for not wanting to interact with others and doing all of his work himself. Yoon-yi has to come to his rescue despite his prickliness, and things only get more awkward when it turns out that Chi-won is Yoon-yi’s newest tenant. Will Yoon-yi—and the other secretaries—be able to save their bosses from themselves?

Bravo My Life (1-4/60)

Network: SBS

Availability: KOCOWA.com/Viki.com

Summary: Ha Do-na is an assistant PD and is frustrated by the fact that she is the only one of her peers still stuck at the assistant level, never having been able to take charge of a show of her own. To make matters worse, her mother’s unexpected return results in the end of her current relationship. While she tries to pick up the pieces of her heart, Do-na gets caught up in two other people’s lives: haughty PD Shin Dong-woo, and the seven-years-without-a-debut actor Kim Bum-woo. Meanwhile, veteran actress and chaebol wife Song Mi-ja finds her fantasy life crumbling to the point that she can’t even get minor roles.

Argon (1/8)

Network: tvN

Available: Unknown

Summary: Lee Yeon-hwa is a contract reporter with just three months left to go at HBC when she gets assigned to the investigative reporting team behind the show Argon. The show’s team leader is Kim Baek-jin, an exacting man who is strict about uncovering the truth and demands perfection. Yeon-hwa wants to earn an official position as a reporter on the team, and she must endure Baek-jin’s strict training in order to gain the skills and experience necessary to be an asset to the team.

My Secret Romance (1/12)

Network: OCN

Available: DramaFever.com

Summary: Second-generation chaebol Cha Jin-wook used to care only about partying instead of his family’s nutrition company. He met the innocent,  never-had-a-boyfriend Lee Yoo-mi at a Jeju resort three years ago. Their whirlwind romance led to  one night together–and then Yoo-mi disappeared. Heartbroken, he ended his party boy ways and became obsessed with the family business.

Yoo-mi walks back into Jin-wook’s life when she is hired as a company nutritionist. The two of them pretend they don’t know each other, but the time they spent together in Jeju hangs between them. Do they have the potential to make a real relationship out of their one-night stand?

Radiant Office (1/16)

Network: MBC

Available: DramaFever.com

Summary: Eun Ho-won has been struggling to find a job. After repeated rejections, she gives up and attempts suicide by throwing herself into the Han River. Ho-won is rescued and taken to the hospital, but once she is there, she learns that she may have a terminal illness–and that she has finally gotten a contract position at a furniture company. She decides that she has nothing left to lose and throws herself into living what’s left of her life and her new job. At work, she clashes with her superior, Seo Woo-jin, who considers her and her newfound, bold attitude a problem.

Introverted Boss (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: DramaFever.com

Summary: Eun Hwan-ki, a senior leader at a PR company, has earned himself the nickname “silent monster” due to his cold personality, reluctance to return people’s greetings, and refusal to meet people’s eyes. But Hwan-ki isn’t actually arrogant or aloof–he’s really just painfully shy around people. Chae Ro-woon, a recent hire at Hwan-ki’s company, is his exact opposite: talkative, bubbly, and energetic.  When Ro-woon misinterprets Hwan-ki’s behavior as a personal slight, she makes it her mission to reveal his “true” personality and get revenge.


Another Oh Hae-young (1/18)

Oh Hae Young AgainNetwork: tvN

Available: Viki.com

Summary: Oh Hae-young has been plagued by another Oh Hae-young her entire life–this prettier and smarter Hae-young even works at the same catering company (in a higher, more important position). When Park Do-kyung suddenly gains precognitive abilities, he winds up crossing paths with these two Oh Hae-youngs.

Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-gi (9/16)

Ms TemperNetwork: JTBC

Available: Viki.com and DramaFever.com

Summary: Ok Da-jung, the youngest team leader at her cosmetics company, is legendary at work for her temper and for not caring about others’ opinions of her. Nam Jung-gi, in the marketing department at the same company, is kind, timid, and apparently knows how to get right under Da-jung’s skin.