The Guest (1/16)

Network: OCN

Available: Unknown

Summary: A priest, a psychic, and a detective team up together to solve supernatural crimes. Choi Yoon is a priest who specializes in exorcisms and prefers to work alone. Yoon Hwa-pyung is a descendant of shamans who has an easy-going and even impulsive personality. Kang Gil-young is a detective who is skeptical of supernatural explanations for the crimes that she works to solve.

The Ghost Detective (1 & 2/32)

Network: KBS2


Summary: Lee Da-il is a private investigator who can see ghosts, and he specializes in supernatural cases. With the help of his assistant Jung Yeo-wool, Da-il attempts to solve the case of his sibling’s mysterious death. The mystery deepens when Seon Woo-hye begins showing up at his crime scenes.

A Korean Odyssey (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: Netflix (eventually)

Summary: Based on the classic Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, this drama is a modern-day fantasy adaptation by the Hong sisters.

Son Oh-gong, the Monkey King, was exiled to the human world and had his powers sealed. In the moral world, he runs into Woo Hwi-chul, the Bull Demon King, who is now the CEO of an entertainment company. Jin Sun-mi is a real estate CEO and descendant of monks, and she has the ability to rid the world of demons and unseal Oh-gong’s powers. The three of them will clash as they fight to get rid of evil in Seoul—and try to obtain godhood and ascend to the immortal world.