100 Days My Prince (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: DramaFever.com

Summary: Crown Prince Lee Yool manages to survive an assassination attempt, but the attack leaves him with amnesia. He ends up taking the alias Won Duk while he tries to figure out who he really is. Meanwhile, Hong Sim starts the first ever detective agency in Joseon. She and Won Duk partner up for one hundred days to solve crimes while his memory recovers—and they start to fall for one another.

Big Forest (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: Unknown

Summary: Shin Dong-yub has had a fall from grace as a top star, and moves into Daerim-dong with Jung Sang-hoon, a single father making a living as a loan shark. They meet Im Chaeong-ah, a single mother, in their neighborhood.

Devilish Joy (1/12)

Network: DramaX

Available: DramaFever.com

Summary: Gong Ma-sung is a well-respected doctor and heir to the Sunwoo company. However, a tragic accident leaves him with a memory that only lasts a single day. He then meets Joo Gi-bbeum, a formerly popular actress, and falls in love—as best he can, considering his memory problems. Meanwhile, Ma-sung’s cousin, Sung Ki-joon, wants nothing more than to break into the entertainment world and prove that he’s better than Ma-sung, and Lee Ha-im, a successful and wealthy actress, can’t move past her own feelings for the amnesiac Ma-sung.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty (1/16)

Network: jTBC

Available: DramaFever.com

Summary: Based on a webtoon by Gi Maeng-gi, this drama focuses on Kang Mi-rae, who was bullied as a child for being ugly and ends up getting plastic surgery to try to fit in. But the bullying doesn’t stop in college, where she is now teased for being a “Gangnam Beauty.” However, a classmate named Do Kyung-suk and a grad student named Yeon Woo-young both become interested in Mi-rae. Kyung-suk helps Mi-rae gain confidence in herself while Mi-rae tries to figure out what “true beauty” means to her.

Risky Romance (1 & 2/32)

Network: MBC

Available: Viki.com/KoCoWa.com

Summary: Endocrinologist Joo In-ah is fascinated by the hormones that influence sexual attraction, and she ends up choosing neurosurgeon Han Seung-joo as her research subject on the matter. Things get more complicated when Cha Jae-hwan, the son of the hospital director, finds himself interested in In-ah as well. These three strong, competitive personalities throw their hospital into chaos while they try to sort out their thoughts from their feelings and from their research.

Thirty But Seventeen (1 & 2/40)

Network: SBS

Available: DramaFever.com and Viki.com/KoCoWa.com

Summary: Woo Seo-ri wanted to be a professional violinist, but a tragic accident at the age of seventeen left her in a coma for thirteen years. Now at the age of thirty, she has suddenly woken up, but she is still emotionally a teenager. She reconnects with Gong Woo-jin, now a semi-reclusive set designer, who decides to atone for his involvement in that accident by helping Seo-ri adjust to a world that moved on without her.

Let’s Eat 3 (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: Viki.com and DramaFever.com

Summary: Goo Dae-young is looking for something that only summer food and nostalgia can provide. After a long slump, he’s wishing for the simpler life of his college days. Dae-young runs into an old classmate, Lee Ji-woo, and together the two of them will reminisce about their twenties over delicious food and—maybe—fall in love.

Your House Helper (1 & 2/32)

Network: KBS2

Availability: Viki.com/KoCoWa.com

Summary: Kim Ji-woon left his promising career at a major conglomerate to become a housekeeper, and he excels at everything from folding laundry to basic household maintenance—and even “cleaning” his clients’ hearts. He has four new clients: Im Da-young, an internet at an advertising agency who is desperate to land a full-time position so she can afford the house her father left her; Yoon Sang-ah, a jewelry designer who has just broken up with her boyfriend; Han So-mi, who is terrified of men until she meets Ji-woon; and Kang Hye-joo, who is having difficulty with her male roommate.

Your House Helper is based on the 2014 webtoon of the same name by Seung Jung-yun.

Life on Mars (1/16)

Network: OCN

Available: Unknown

Summary: Han Tae-joo is a detective who has a reputation for sticking to his principles. While Tae-joo is on the trail of a serial killer, he ends up in a serious accident. He wakes up in 1987 and soon realizes that if he’s ever going to return to the present, he needs to solve a murder case. For that, he enlists the help of fellow detectives Yoon Na-young, Kang Dong-chul, Lee Yong-gi, and Jo Nam-sik.

Life on Mars is based on the 2006 BBC One drama of the same name.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: Viki.com

Summary: Lee Young-joon, vice president of Yoomyung Group, is so self-absorbed that most of the time he doesn’t register what his secretary, Kim Mi-so, tries to say to him. Mi-so has a stellar reputation in the corporate world for her secretarial skills, but after spending the last nine years making her boss look good and managing his narcissistic ego, she finally decides to submit her resignation. It’s time for Mi-so to find her own way in the world—but will Young-joon be able to function without her?

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is based on Jung Kyung-yoon’s 2013 novel of the same name. Kim Young-mi’s 2016 webcomic was also based on the novel.