Life on Mars (1/16)

Network: OCN

Available: Unknown

Summary: Han Tae-joo is a detective who has a reputation for sticking to his principles. While Tae-joo is on the trail of a serial killer, he ends up in a serious accident. He wakes up in 1987 and soon realizes that if he’s ever going to return to the present, he needs to solve a murder case. For that, he enlists the help of fellow detectives Yoon Na-young, Kang Dong-chul, Lee Yong-gi, and Jo Nam-sik.

Life on Mars is based on the 2006 BBC One drama of the same name.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (1/16)

Network: tvN


Summary: Lee Young-joon, vice president of Yoomyung Group, is so self-absorbed that most of the time he doesn’t register what his secretary, Kim Mi-so, tries to say to him. Mi-so has a stellar reputation in the corporate world for her secretarial skills, but after spending the last nine years making her boss look good and managing his narcissistic ego, she finally decides to submit her resignation. It’s time for Mi-so to find her own way in the world—but will Young-joon be able to function without her?

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is based on Jung Kyung-yoon’s 2013 novel of the same name. Kim Young-mi’s 2016 webcomic was also based on the novel.

Mother (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: (as Call Me Mother)

Summary: While Soo-jin is working as a temporary teacher at an elementary school, she notices Hye-na, one of her students. Hye-na stands out because of her odd behavior and unkempt appearance, and Soo-jin finds out that Hye-na is being abused by her mother, Ja-young. So when Soo-jin finds Hye-na alone outside, she decides to kidnap Hye-na in order to protect her and become her new mother.

This show is a remake of the 2010 Japanese drama of the same name.

A Korean Odyssey (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: Netflix (eventually)

Summary: Based on the classic Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, this drama is a modern-day fantasy adaptation by the Hong sisters.

Son Oh-gong, the Monkey King, was exiled to the human world and had his powers sealed. In the moral world, he runs into Woo Hwi-chul, the Bull Demon King, who is now the CEO of an entertainment company. Jin Sun-mi is a real estate CEO and descendant of monks, and she has the ability to rid the world of demons and unseal Oh-gong’s powers. The three of them will clash as they fight to get rid of evil in Seoul—and try to obtain godhood and ascend to the immortal world.

Girls’ Generation 1979 (1/8)

Network: KBS 2


Summary: Daegu, 1979. High school student Lee Jung-hee has a one-sided crush on fellow student Son Jin, who works part-time at a pharmacy. Her life gets more complicated when a transfer student arrives at school. Park Hye-joo is from Seoul, and she instantly catches the attention of a lot of people, including Son Jin. As the school year goes by, Jung-hee and Hye-joo will need to figure out their budding friendship and what they both want out of life.

This coming-of-age drama is based on a 2009 novel Lingerie Girls’ Generation (란제리 소녀시대) by Kim Yong-hee.

Criminal Minds (1/20)

Network: tvN

Available: Unknown

Summary: Kang Ki-hyung leads a six-member behavior analysis team at the National Criminal Investigation Department.  When quick-tempered Kim Hyun-joon, a former police investigator who trusts his instincts, joins the team, he frequently clashes with Team Leader Kang and the coldly logical and incorruptible Ha Sun-woo, who was born into a wealthy and powerful family. The three of them, along with Yoo Min-young (media specialist), Hwang Nana (computer specialist), and Lee Han (all-around genius), track down serial killers and violent criminals that the police have not been able to catch on their own.

This is a remake of the U.S. television series Criminal Minds.

The King Loves (1 & 2/40)

Network: MBC


Summary: Crown Prince Wang Won is eager for his father’s throne. His closest friend and trusted ally is Wang Rin, who also serves as his bodyguard. The two of them meet and become friends with the beautiful Eun San, daughter of the wealthiest man in the Goryeo Dynasty. The trio’s deep friendship is eventually put to the test when Wang Won and Wang Rin both fall in love with Eun San.

The King Loves is an adaptation of a 2011 novel of the same name by Kim Yi-ryung.

The Liar and His Lover (1/16)

Network: tvN

Available: (as Lovely Love Lie)

Summary: Composer Kang Han-kyeol frequently hides his identity from other people. When he meets high school student Yoon So-rim, he becomes inspired by her beautiful voice. So-rim quickly falls in love with Han-kyeol, who is still lying about his identity. This drama is an adaptation of the manga Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru by Aoki Kotomi.

Solomon’s Perjury (1/12)

solomon-perjuryNetwork: JTBC


Summary: Bae Joon-young stumbles across the body of his friend Lee So-woo on Christmas morning, and the police quickly rule it a suicide. But on the day of the funeral, fellow student Go Seo-yeon receives an anonymous note claiming that So-woo was actually murdered. When the school administrators and police refuse to look into So-woo’s death any further, Seo-yeon and her classmates decide to take matters into their own hands,. Their investigation threatens to unearth information that others would prefer be kept secret. Solomon’s Perjury is a remake of two 2015 Japanese films, which were in turn based on the novel Solomon’s Perjury by Miyuki Miyabe.

Entourage (1/12)

entourageNetwork: tvN


Summary: Cha Young-bin is a rising star in Korea whose relaxed attitude about his own career could cause trouble down the line. His management agent and CEO, Kim Eun-gab, is determined to take him to the next level of stardom, while his manager, Lee Ho-jin, seems to do less business-related managing and more taking-care-of-disaster managing. Falling star Cha Joon has attached himself to Young-bin in an attempt to hang on to his own career while Young-bin’s best friend, “Turtle,” appears to do nothing besides keeping Young-bin company and occasionally drive him around. Together, Young-bin’s entourage will do what they can to make sure that Young-bin’s star keeps rising. This is a remake of the 2011 HBO series Entourage.