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Save Me, Episode 8

TL;DR: We have officially hit a turning point, thank any deity except New Heaven’s Sovereign.

Sang-mi continues to be a resilient heroine, and I admire her balancing act. She resists whenever she can, whether that’s trying to leave during prayers or telling So-rin to run or snarking back at Wan-tae and Jung-ki, even though she is terrified and constantly under threat. I love her fierce defense of her mother and the way she continues to call out her father for being a trash human being. And I am so, so grateful that she knows she isn’t entirely alone anymore. Continue reading “Save Me, Episode 8”

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Bullying, marriage, and drama news

Good luck to all of you who are back in school now; as for the rest of you, continue to endure.

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Kpop Friday: Sunmi’s “Gashina”

First off, many thanks to SplashofInspiration for recommending the song. I’d heard two of Sunmi’s solo songs before and thought they were decent (and bought some Wonder Girls songs that I enjoyed), so I was optimistic about her newest offering. Spoiler alert: It’s fun.

I’ll admit “Gashina” wasn’t my thing initially (tropical house generally isn’t), but it is  just the kind of song that can grow on you. The beat is catchy, and since the song stays mostly in Sunmi’s lower-to-mid register, it’d be pretty easy to sing along with.

If you don’t speak Korean, you’ll definitely want to turn on the subtitles. It really enhanced my perception of the song (and appreciation for the MV). I’ll admit to giggling over the fact that the narrator just doesn’t understand why her milkshakes aren’t keeping this man in her yard anymore:

Everyone wants to smell my fragrance.
Why are you the only fool who doesn’t smell it?
Have you gone crazy?
Why are you leaving such a beautiful woman like me behind?

I don’t know, Sunmi. I hope you find a better guy who appreciates you more.

The music video is an often silly, sometimes sexy, kaleidoscope of colors and concepts. I have two main complaints: the opening is too long, and we barely get to see any of the choreography. (So here, have a comeback stage.) That said, the visuals are striking, and I think the MV lends the song a bit of a comedic air in concert with the lyrics.

If you’re a fan of Sunmi or her old group, you should give the song a listen:

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If you want to recommend me songs, you can do so through the music rec meme on my tumblr! Just send me an ask with up to five songs (they don’t have to be kpop), and I’ll listen to and rate them.

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Save Me, Episode 7

TL;DR: “Not for profane purposes” my ass.

Look, all I’m saying is that if Sang-mi’s first impulse is to leap to her feet, yell, back herself against the wall, smash some glass, and then grab a shard of that glass to threatens others and herself at the prospect of being made the Mother of Spirits, maaaaaybe there’s a small problem with your religion. On the other hand, I’m reluctantly intrigued by the idea that there might actually be some theology here beyond New Heaven apparently being a physical place, so that boarding the ship of salvation metaphor may not be a metaphor. (Yikes.) Continue reading “Save Me, Episode 7”

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Save Me, Episode 6

TL;DR: I hate this cult so much, and I’m not even the one trapped in it.

Sang-mi has traded one prison for another, and I’m absolutely furious on her behalf. Her own father put a padlock on her door and then hung up a cross right outside it while shouting prayers about her need for salvation. He has, at this point for me, crossed the line from tragically misguided to an outright antagonist, and I hope he goes down with the Guseonwon leadership.

All of this religious stuff is hitting way too close to home and it’s like watching my own personal slow-motion anxiety train wreck. Continue reading “Save Me, Episode 6”

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One investigative reporting team for you

This week we have one new drama that’s all about investigative journalism. It sounds interesting, especially since just eight episodes means that the corruption-go-round will be shorter than usual. Will any legal sites pick it up? Is it on your to-watch list?

8 episodes, tvN
Availability unknown

Lee Yeon-hwa is a contract reporter with just three months left to go at HBC when she gets assigned to the investigative reporting team behind the show Argon. The show’s team leader is Kim Baek-jin, an exacting man who is strict about uncovering the truth and demands perfection. Yeon-hwa wants to earn an official position as a reporter on the team, and she must endure Baek-jin’s strict training in order to gain the skills and experience necessary to be an asset to the team.

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Save Me, Episode 5

TL;DR: Just imagine me screaming in the background the entire time.

Every time I think we’ve hit rock bottom, this show reminds me that we’re actually still in freefall. Just about the only good thing that happened in this entire episode was that Sang-mi got to stab people, which, while momentarily satisfying (I laughed in utter delight, my friends), came at way too high a price. Continue reading “Save Me, Episode 5”

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Mystery deaths, shamans, and drama news

Just four months left in 2017. Time to panic about all the things I haven’t accomplished yet! 😀

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One medical and one family drama coming up

We have two new dramas coming up this week. I’m probably going to skip both of them, but are either of them on your watch list?

Hospital Ship
40 (mini) episodes, MBC
Available on

After an incident cuts off Song Eun-jae’s opportunity to be a surgeon at a prestigious hospital, she takes her skills to a humanitarian project. The hospital ship is home to different doctors and medical staff, and their mission is to travel around to remote places and treat those who are out of range of more conventional medical care. Eun-jae is less than enthused with her (often stubborn) patients, but fellow doctor Kwak Hyun has a far better bedside manner than she does. Hyun’s father is the man who owns the hospital ship, and he works hard to connect with his patients. Meanwhile, Kim Jae-geol specializes in traditional medicine, much to the consternation of his father—and Eun-jae, who disdains the practice. The three doctors need to figure out how to get along and how to care for their patients as a team.

Man Who Sets the Table
50 episodes, MBC
Availability unknown

Lee Roo-ri has had enough. She has given up on getting a stable job at a large company, and her parents’ relationship is about to implode. On top of that, Roo-ri caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She decides to take a much-needed getaway to a foreign country, and while she’s there, she meets Jung Tae-yang. Tae-yang’s biggest priority is his own happiness, and he travels the world in search of it—and to help him cope with some problems of his own. After the two of them meet, Roo-ri’s life takes a sharp turn, and she and Tae-yang slowly change their bickering hostility into something more.

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Save Me, Episode 4

TL;DR: Well, your god is an asshole.

I sure hope you’re ready to spend the entire episode in various states of rage, because Sang-mi’s family got swallowed up by the cult in this episode, and there are all sorts of injustices and awful things going on. I personally spent my time keyboard smashing and caps-locking swear words in my notes. Also? Warnings for sexual assault/rape, domestic violence, and violence against a neurodivergent kid. Continue reading “Save Me, Episode 4”