Jail Terms, Memorial Stones, and Drama News

The biggest news item, of course, is that Park Geun-hye has been sentenced. Now if only…

Textbooks, Massacres, and Drama News

You know, just a little light reading.

Arrests, Reaction Videos, and Drama News

Spring is (possibly) on the horizon, so that has put me in a chipper mood. Here’s hoping it lasts.

Bones, Game-Fixing, and Drama News

Next week I should be able to return to eight-hour work days, which I hope means I’ll be able to update more regularly. I didn’t think an extra hour a day could kill my productivity outside of work so thoroughly.

The Paralympics, Lonely Deaths, and Drama News

This week’s roundup is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure!

Short Hair, Statues, and Drama News

Winter storms keep rolling into my area on the weekends, which is not cool, considering all the things I need to get done. Oh well. In the meantime, here’s a wide selection of links which should keep you inside and safe from the elements.

Yet More Olympics, #MeToo, and Drama News

Winter decided it wasn’t over here at my neck of the woods, so I am bundled inside, waiting for gaps between flurries to head out and run errands. If you are similarly trapped inside, here are some links to tide you over.

Even More Olympics, a Supernova, and Drama News

This was supposed to be my week of catching up, but sudden family things put the brakes on my ambition. Oh well, here’s hoping next week is more productive.

More Olympics, Happiness, and Drama News

So far I have watched some figure skating and moguls, and I hope to catch some other events. What about you? I’m trying not to drown you in links to articles.

The Pyeongchang Olympics: “NK art troupe rehearses for rare performances in S. Korea,” “North Korea’s Kim Yo-jong Is Coming to PyeongChang: Will She Be Kim Jong-un’s Messenger?” “Olympics open with pride and theatrics,” and “2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics [Photos].”

The Park Geun-hye saga: “Appeals court tosses out Lee Jae-yong’s bribery conviction,” and “Appellate ruling in Lee Jae-yong case is a bad sign for Park Geun-hye.”

Seo Ji-hyun, #MeToo, and other related items: “More women coming forward with stories of sexual abuse following Seo Ji-hyun’s allegations,” “Poet alleges sexual harassment by acclaimed literary figure,” “Kim Ki-duk’s film still headed to Berlin amid film fest’s #MeToo spotlight,” “Survey shows 20% of women in Korean film industry forced into unwanted sexual contact,” and “Seoul ordered to compensate family of sexually harassed city civil servant who killed herself.”

“Those in 20s, 30s least happy among age groups in S. Korea: Survey.” I feel really bad for the can in the infographic.

“Here Are The Shows Canceled Or Rescheduled This Weekend Due To 2018 PyeongChang Olympics.” FYI

“Police arrest Jung Suk-won on drug tip.” Yikes.

“Go Hyun-jung to leave SBS drama amid conflict” and “Go Hyun Jung’s Side Responds To Viewers’ Requests For Her To Come Back To ‘Return.'” What is going on here?

“Lee Da Hee, Park Byung Eun, And Kim Hyun Sook Bring Even Greater Chemistry To ‘Mystery Queen 2.'” Good luck!

Seo Ji-hyeon, Another Hospital Fire, and Drama News

Congratulations on surviving the first month of 2018. Expect even more Olympics news next week.