Just Between Lovers, Episode 9

TL;DR: Will none of you listen to the woman you claim to love? ASDFJKL;

This episode is basically a merry-go-round of people just ignoring what Moon-soo is telling them, and it makes me want to tear my hair out. First was her dad, who insisted she shouldn’t be around Kang-doo and should instead pursue something with someone “normal.” I’m actually really happy that Moon-soo pushed back by pointing out that her parents appear to be most interested in making her appear normal. (Did they ever try to get her therapy, or would that have been against appearances?) One could argue that they’re operating out of concern for their daughters’ welfare; one could also argue that maybe an adult daughter can decide for herself what’s best for her. Continue reading “Just Between Lovers, Episode 9”


Just Between Lovers, Episode 8

TL;DR: You know, I was really happy for about ten minutes, and then everything went wrong.

This episode really drove home the fact that Kang-doo is very lonely, despite having a widespread network of people who care for him on various levels. He has the medicine seller, Ma-ri, Sang-man, Jae-young, and now Moon-soo who all find themselves concerned about his welfare, even if he wants to keep a bit of distance between all of them. This episode was a small turning point of sorts, where Kang-doo finally allowed himself to be vulnerable in front of Moon-soo. Continue reading “Just Between Lovers, Episode 8”


Just Between Lovers, Episode 7

TL;DR: I was so ready to stab Joo-won in this episode. *eyes him but sheathes knife*

First of all, I’m really happy that Moon-soo and Kang-doo opened up to one another about part of their connection to the mall collapse. Neither of them have said that they were there, but now at least they both know they lost loved ones in it, and I am all about love interests bonding over shared trauma. Even if they’re still keeping each other at a distance. Continue reading “Just Between Lovers, Episode 7”


Triplets, Robotics, and Drama News

At some point I fully expect this list to be mostly links about the Olympics. Until then, here’s a mix of everything from royal paintings of dogs to me sighing over casting.


Just Between Lovers, Episode 6

TL;DR: This episode actually made me swoon twice, and yet I also had a big NOPE moment, too. Well, I guess I can’t get everything I want all the time.

There are so many great things happening between Moon-soo and Kang-doo right now, and chief among them is their mutual concern for one another. When Moon-soo couldn’t reach him all day, she was so worried about him she checked up on him at home. And why was she looking for him in the first place? So they could visit the ossuary together, and so she could apologize for letting him find that woman’s body all on his own. Continue reading “Just Between Lovers, Episode 6”


One fantasy romance to start 2018

There’s one short time-travel romantic comedy for you to kick off 2018. Personally, I think the older version of Shin-woo should focus on helping his younger self woo Ji-soo, but that’s just my adult self trying to make this setup less creepy. Will this make it on your watch list?

Longing Heart
8 episodes
Available on DramaFever.com

Math teacher Kang Shin-woo still regrets never confessing his feelings to his first love, Han Ji-soo, from high school. So when strange circumstances throw him back ten years into the past, he finds himself with a second chance at resolving his feelings. However, the one thing Shin-woo didn’t expect was to run into any competition—much less competition from his own, younger self.

This drama is based on the webtoon Aeganjang by Kim Hee-ran and Kim Byung-gwan.


Just Between Lovers, Episode 5

TL;DR: I honestly didn’t expect this plot point to resurface, so I am equally delighted and horrified.

But first, let us take a moment to admire the pace at which Moon-soo and Kang-doo are developing feelings for one another. I love that they are spending so much time together and in doing so, learning more about each other and allowing themselves to be vulnerable in front of the other. Working together allows them to find things to admire in one another and even be concerned about one another. Sometimes, they even get annoyed with one another (see: Kang-doo’s terrible backseat driving). Continue reading “Just Between Lovers, Episode 5”


Deadly Bacteria, Vacation Days, and Drama News

Time to get back to the link roundups. Honestly, I really enjoy doing these, even if it’s difficult to whittle down the list each week. Here’s the best of the best:


Closing – 4 Hopes for While You Were Sleeping

For the most part, I am content with While You Were Sleeping. I got most of what I asked for, if not always in the precise way I wanted it:

Jae-chan is kind to Hong-joo. I am happy to report that he was. He didn’t believe her about prophetic dreams at first and was eager not to take responsibility for his precognition, but he wasn’t ever cruel to her. At most he was petty, and even then it was an ineffectual, childish sort of petty. Most of the time he was making heart eyes at her and trying not to get caught.

Hong-joo’s dreams obey rules (that we can learn) and do not break them. Well…yes? Kind of? The dreams seemed incredibly arbitrary about what kind of events warranted prophetic dreams. Apparently Hong-joo had a lot of them about Jae-chan and his brother’s boring day-to-day life. And we never got to find out why Hong-joo started dreaming or why her dreams were contagious, but at least the way the contagion spread followed the rules the characters were able to figure out. I wanted this to be cleverer than it turned out to be, so I’m a tiny bit disappointed, but I technically got what I asked for.

Hong-joo gets to have a close relationship with her mother. Another yes, and while I wish there had been more on-screen scenes of Hong-joo and her mother together, without either of the boys, it was very clear just how much the two ladies loved each other.

Hong-joo and Jae-chan become a real team. They did indeed! Even passing information to the other’s past self via quick thinking in the future. However, I will note that as the series went along, Hong-joo’s did tend to default to the support role of having the crucial dream and passing it on to Jae-chan, who did the in-person heroics. Despite that, they very much depended on and valued each other, so I’m calling this about fifty-fifty out of what I wanted.

Additionally, I am a little disappointed that the second half of the story was mostly focused on Jae-chan and his court cases. He ended up with a larger portion of the emotional stakes at the end, and Hong-joo’s relevance faded in comparison. I’m also sad that she didn’t get to have a moment where she considered how she had been mislead by Yoo-beom and ended up whipping up popular opinion against an innocent man. I wanted her to reflect on the ways she had made mistakes, much like Jae-chan did on the prosecutors’ behalf. That’s the beat I needed her to have for her emotional arc to be concluded, and I’m sad it didn’t happen.

How did While You Were Sleeping hold up against your expectations?


My Kdrama Hopes for 2018

I spent some time yesterday contemplating what my perfect version of dramaland would look like, and that morphed into a general list of hopes for the new year. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of what I want from dramaland in 2018:

  • Heroines who have more than one important woman in their life (friends, family, co-workers, etc.).
  • Minor actresses being paired with minor actors instead of with adult men.
  • Female characters who call out male characters on their shit.
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi that actually takes its mythology/technology seriously and doesn’t abandon it partway through.
  • Well-rounded LGBTQIA characters.
  • CPR being used for its intended purpose and not for a romantic moment.
  • Children who call out their parents on their shit.
  • Competent villains who pose a serious threat to the heroes.
  • Mothers being addressed by name and not just as “so-and-so’s mother.”
  • Prickly, angry, unlikeable women who get shit done and inspire someone to fall in love with them.
  • Actors who have been accused of sex crimes not being cast in anything at all.
  • College dramas.
  • Crime/procedural dramas with more than one female character on the team.
  • Female geniuses who get to be undisputed masters in their fields.
  • Female villains who are evil because of something else besides love and have dedicated minions.
  • Heroes who are gentle, kind, compassionate and have a never-ending supply of heart eyes for the people they love.
  • Good, supportive parents who want the best for their children, even if they disagree about what the best thing is.
  • Noona romances.
  • Heroines over the age of 35 in weeknight programming (not just in the weekend family dramas).

What do you hope dramaland brings you in 2018?