Unpaid phone bills, jail time, and drama news

Now that I’m (mostly) recovered from my vacation, it’s time to plug back in and figure out what’s been going on while I was having fun.


Circle: Two Worlds Connected, Episode 7

TL;DR: Why did you have to ruin something I was enjoying so much?

Everything was great through part one! I was really looking forward to talking about how Professor Han is in full-blown evil scientist mode, what it means for us as the narrative continues to pull away from Woo-jin’s perspective and focus more on Bum-gyun, and the revelation that Gyu-chul made a run for it after hiding all the crucial data.

And then part two happened, and I just want to scream. (Trigger warnings for suicide and child sexual abuse, for the record.) Continue reading “Circle: Two Worlds Connected, Episode 7”


Seven Day Queen, Episodes 3 & 4

TL;DR: “If we get married, let’s live like friends and have fun, like this, forever.” <– What you should never say if you actually want this to happen.

Would you look at that: a saguek where the end of the childhood portion is marked by tragedy, bloodshed, and the separation of the OTP. AKA, standard fare for sageuks. It felt a little hollow to me, partly because Yeonsangun’s tendency to make what could have been written off as a childhood indiscretion/impulse as something being on par with treason is just plain tiring, and partly because I’m really annoyed that they bothered to separate Chae-gyeong and Jinseong at this point in time. Continue reading “Seven Day Queen, Episodes 3 & 4”


Woman of Dignity begins this weekend

Ooooh, I had forgotten about this one after the rush of premiers in late May/early June. It sounds like it could be fun. Is it on your watchlist?

Woman of Dignity
20 episodes, jTBC
Available on (maybe–they have a page for it)

Woo Ah-jin has it all—a personal maid, the best clothes, and a gorgeous home—thanks to the wealthy family she married into. But when her father-in-law’s financial fortune crashes and her husband betrays her, her privileged life vanishes overnight. Ah-jin soon meets Park Bok-ja, a mysterious woman who quickly becomes entangled with her life.


Circle: Two Worlds Connected, Episodes 5 & 6

TL;DR: We’ve hit the midpoint, friends, and that means we have several new answers and new questions.

Jung-yeon carried the emotional weight of these two episodes, which was a welcome surprise. As more of her secrets get revealed, Woo-jin becomes shrouded in mystery himself, and that is a fun narrative switch I did not anticipate. Continue reading “Circle: Two Worlds Connected, Episodes 5 & 6”


Approval ratings, homicide sentencing, and drama news

Again, the big news item in my corner of the internet hasn’t been fun: TOP getting caught using marijuana and overdosing on medication. Wishing him a swift recovery.


Running Man – November 2016

Despite Gary’s departure, this was actually one of the better Running Man months in (my) recent memory.

#324: Goodbye, Gary

I had half expected that Gary’s farewell episode (well, the first half of his farewell, at least) would be something a bit…grander. You know, one of those episodes where one of the members is the star/main character with all sorts of racing about and ridiculous hijinks and constant focus on Gary.

Instead we got a quieter, more intimate episode, with small, silly games and a hidden mission that Gary never quite caught on to. It felt like an everyday, the-draw-is-the-banter episode, which is both bittersweet and also fitting for a departure episode.

(And of course I cried at the end of this episode–between Ji-hyo starting to cry and all the touching letters and presents at the end, I stood no chance.)

I don’t know if it will make my rewatch list; we’ll have to see how I feel in a week or so. Right now I’m mostly sad about saying goodbye, even though I’ve known this was coming for months now.

Continue reading “Running Man – November 2016”


Seven Day Queen, Episodes 1 & 2

TL;DR: Oh no, it’s cute.

That’s not to say there aren’t some problems. Episode one in particular feels remarkably uneven at points due to the jarring juxtaposition of comedic and dramatic scenes. (And, as is usual for me, I find the style of humor more irritating than enjoyable.) Still, despite some pet peeves, Seven Day Queen manages to do the most important thing well: putting us solidly behind plucky country girl and future queen, Chae-gyeong. Continue reading “Seven Day Queen, Episodes 1 & 2”


A Forest Full of Secrets This Week

We have just one new drama headed our way this week, and it looks like it could be fun.  Is it on your watch list?

Secret Forest
16 episodes, tvN
Available on (as Stranger)

A childhood brain surgery affected Hwang Shi-mok’s ability to experience emotion. As an adult, his cold, logical outlook has served him well as a prosecutor—one of the few who isn’t corrupt. Shi-mok meets Lt. Han Yeo-jin during a murder scene investigation, and the two of them team up to root out corruption in the prosecutorial ranks and to hunt down a serial killer.


What we know and don’t know about Jung-yeon

I am very excited about this week’s episodes of Circle because we now have confirmation that Jung-yeon is a constant in all timelines. As such, I thought it would be fun (and possibly even helpful) to do a quick overview of what we know about her and the questions that are still waiting to be answered.

Byul, aka The Alien (2007)

What we know:

  • Emerged, naked, from a ball of light in front of the twins and their father
  • Was taken in by the father
  • Doesn’t express emotion (and her comprehension of it is also lacking)
  • Has super speed and/or strength (see: saving Woo-jin from death by car)
  • Left with the twins’ father

The questions:

  • What is she? Where is she from?
  • Why did she come to earth?
  • Why did she leave with the twins’ father?

Continue reading “What we know and don’t know about Jung-yeon”